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Diary of a Dark Angel

I speak in Versus, Prophesies & Curses
2 December 1977

One of the best Solo Guitarists in this generation. Rest In Peace Dimebag. You will truly be missed.

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Better known as drkminded but I am tired of that name to be honest. Dark Angel is my nickname and has been for years. Reason: Was called it from my a now ex-fiance (fiance #1). After we split, I kept it because I felt it fit me.

As for who I am: I am someone who went from Slacker who didn't give a damn to a Workaholic. Owner/Operator of Dark Minded Promotions. Outside work though, I like to hang out with friends, reading and updating LJ, going to Rocky Horror every saturday, bisexuality, bondage (switch), crossdressing, studing more about Paganism, which is my religion, tons of other things. BTW... I am always online.. IM me on AIM at X Gothic Pagan X or DarkMindedSpirit

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I've built myself out of ash and agony

I am my own creation
I am

*lyrics from Self-Made by OTEP*

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Ever Mind The Rule Of Three
Three Times Your Acts Return To Thee
This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn
Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn

*written by Lady Gwen Thompson*

Dark Minded Promotions is an affiate for:

Dark Minded Promotions proudly (and unofficially) promotes the following:

The Home of Happiness proudly brings to you: The Rocky Horror Picture Show located in the Bergenfield Cinema 5 in Bergenfield every Saturday at Midnight.

You want one of the best massages you'll ever get... contact her!! (this is not a link.. but a buisness card that I created for her)

90.3 WMSC Underground Radio located at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, NJ. *Every Friday: WMSC METAL MADNESS!!! Listen in from 10pm-1am as the "Mack Daddy of Metal" Walter and me, the Dark Angel, play the best in heavy, death, and black metal and hear how we attempt to make the show into the college version of Howard Stern*
Plus, Sunday Mornings for all you insomniacs starting at 1am, I play nothing but the best rock, metal and industrial music i can find.
You can also listen online now at: www.live365.com/stations/WMSC
(this show is Officially promoted by Dark Minded Promotions)

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What else can I say.. want something to do late at night, check this site out!

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YAY!!!! xnoangelx has a website!!!! All her icons and backgrounds for Live Journal are linked on here. Rules are on the page.

Next Event: October 28th-30th

Kittie's Official Website

Otep's Official Website

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Suicide City's Official Site

I met these people at Chiller Theatre. If you like gothic and weird jewelry, come check this site out. The Jewelry is personally done by Lisa Brown. *I bought a handcuff choker* The items are well quality products. I strongly suggest going here for jewelry.

Go here for some awesome celtic, sci-fi and fantasy items ranging from candleholders, bookends, gargoyles and more. It is well worth it.

You want to see some sick and gruesome pictures and even a video or 2? Go here ASAP!! I have never seens things like this!!! I saw their table at Chiller Theatre and saw the pics they had and fell in love!!!! Check them out!

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